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Bees Knees Events

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An annual events programme that promotes the inclusion of all.

All events will be Neurodiverse and Dementia friendly and will encourage good carer mental health and wellbeing. There will be a mix of big events and week-long taster events through the year.


The jewel in the crown is our Dementia Roadshow in Dementia Action Week – May 2024.

For more information please email us or see our upcoming events below!

Upcoming Events:

The Dementia Roadshow
Friday 17th May

Bennett’s Willow Barn, Malvern Road, Lower Wick, WR2 4BS

A day of learning, support, and resources for those affected by dementia.

If you are a Local Care Organisation please get in touch with us to book an exhibit table.

Or call: (01905) 355995 to purchase over the phone! 

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