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STARS Carer Services

Offering a wealth of services to vulnerable people,
while s
upporting Carers to Care Best

Carole, Helena and Catriona from STARS smiling at the camera.

About STARS Carer Services

STARS Carer Services is a carer-led, family-run CIC; it was borne out of STARS Adult Day Centre, (founded in 2012)  to better support carers through their journey.


As carers ourselves, we have both personal and professional insight and experience of the struggles all carers may face.



See below for the wealth of services offered by STARS Carer Services.

Comforting Hands

STARS Day Services

Services that support carers with daytime respite. Providing a social and engaging environment where stimulation, conversation will be promoted and will help tackle social isolation. Our Day Services include: 

STARS Care Centre: Inclusive day centre and activities for the socially isolated and vulnerable adults.

STARS Activity Centre: Sessional activity programme for vulnerable adults that promotes 4 pillars of health and wellbeing: physical/movement, creative, outdoor and support networks.

STARS At Home: A carer service where we bring wellbeing activities into the home.

Bee's Knees Events

Inclusive Events

Carer Roadshow

Monthly Meetups

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Get Involved

A timetable of annual fundraising events, where all proceeds go back into helping more carers.

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STARS Training

Training modules designed by Carers to raise the standard of care for all.
Modules can be completed individually or completed as a full course.



A inclusive project that aims to promote independence, confidence, self-
worth, and a sense of achievement through the medium of music and sport


The Blossom Project

Designed to support Young Carers. 

Monthly Meetups

In-School Projects

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Sensory Room

A sensory space to relax and enjoy lights, sounds and a little bit of magic!



T White

"Sheila and I are very happy with S.T.A.R.S. and we would recommend you try it. They are caring, loving, kind and helpful, all you require to know your loved one is well looked after and safe. STARS by name, STARS by


Sandria T

"S.T.A.R.S. Day Centre is home from home and I can rest assured that Dad is well cared for by the respectful staff"

MB Gough

"You have enabled me to keep Mum home-based, rather than in residential care. Your Centre is a "home away from home" and Mum enjoys every day with you"

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